Here at Tettra, we strive to enable teams to create the organizational structure that works best for them, while also staying true to our dedication to a simple and streamlined UX.

Subcategories give you the ability to further group related content within categories for better discoverability and organization.

A subcategory can be found in the lefthand sidebar or by clicking into whichever category it belongs to. They will always show above pages unless you've pinned pages or enabled custom ordering.

Viewing Content within Subcategories

Simply click the subcategory name to view all of its contents. Keep in mind a page may only exist in a single subcategory.

Creating New Subcategories

To create a new subcategory, click the "Subcategory" button located within the "New" dropdown within any category or subcategory.

From here you'll be able to add the subcategory name, description, color, icon, and ordering rules.

The description will be located at the top of the Subcategory and the icon/color will be visible wherever the subcategory is listed (left hand sidebar, category page, etc).

You can choose to order your subcategory content by last modified date, alphabetically, or a custom order. Please note that you cannot pin objects in the subcategory if custom ordering is selected. If custom ordering is selected, you can use the drag-and-drop icons to move your subcategory content:

You can create an unlimited amount of nested subcategories (subcategory within a subcategory), but we recommend keeping your structure as shallow as reasonably possible to reduce browsing fatigue.

Adding new pages to Subcategories

While creating new pages, you can add them to a category and a subcategory by clicking the "Choose Category / Subcategory" button in the header.

You'll then be able to select or create the category and subcategory you want to move that draft to.

Adding existing pages to Subcategories

You can move a published page to a different category/subcategory by using the 'Move' menu available on any page or page list view:

This will bring up the following menu allowing you to choose a different category and subcategory to move this page into.

Bulk Moving pages into a Subcategory

Need to move more than one page into a subcategory at a time? It's simple! You can move any pages in a Category view by clicking on the checkbox in the upper right-hand corner above the category contents:

Select the pages you'd like to move by using the checkboxes to the left of each page.

Once you've selected your pages, you can choose the category and subcategory you'd like to move them to. 

Deleting a Subcategory

You can delete a subcategory at any point by selecting "edit" in the kebab menu next to the subcategorys name:

Delete the subcategory by clicking "Delete subcategory".

Please Note: This action cannot be undone. All pages and external links in this subcategory will be uncategorized and archived, Suggestions will be uncategorized and closed, and all contained subcategories will be deleted.

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