Attaching and uploading files

You can add files to a Tettra page by either dragging them into the editor or pressing the File attachments button in the sidebar.

Uploading a file

Click the ⊕ button in the sidebar then click File

Choose the file you want to upload. It'll automatically be uploaded securely to our servers and a download box will be added to the editor.

Dragging a file into a page
Drag a file from your computer into the editor. It'll be securely uploaded to Tettra's servers and a download box is automatically placed into the editor. 

Attaching images

You can attach images the same way as files, or you can paste them directly from your clipboard. 

Supported file types and size limits

File Sizes
Tettra supports file uploads up to 50MB.

If you need to include a larger file in a Tettra page, we suggest uploading it to another source like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. and then linking to the external url.

File types
Tettra supports almost all file types. If you run into an issue uploading a file type please let us know.

Viewing and downloading files

Clicking on a file embed will either display the link in the browser or download the file to your local computer, depending on the file type.

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