We never want you to have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to your existing documentation, so we've made it that much easier for you to add Google assets to your knowledge base. Use our external link feature to select a Google doc, sheet, or slide deck and add it to your account structure.  

Click the 'New' dropdown button on any page in your account and select "External Doc":

Once you've done that, the following pop-up modal should appear: 

Use the 'Select Doc' option to search or browse for Google assets in your connected G Suite account: 

Once you've done that, select the category/subcategory you'd like to add your external doc to, and then click "Add link". 

If you've added the asset to a category, you can view it in the left hand sidebar or within the category itself:

If you'd like to delete an external link, click the kebab menu next to the link and select Archive:

Additional Information

While the external doc is added to your account structure, you will be navigated to the source of the doc in a new tab when you click on the external link. Since this asset technically remains on the Google side, we are currently unable to index anything other than the doc title for our own search. 

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