Tettra currently supports importing for Word Docs, markdown, and html files (.docx, .md, .html) We'll be continuing to work on improving our importer functionality over the coming months.

Importing a File into Tettra

Click the "New" button in the upper right hand corner of your account. Select "Page from import" from the dropdown. You'll then be able to drag-and-drop or select a file from your device from the import modal. 

This will automatically open a new draft that contains your newly imported content.

File Type not Currently Supported? 

Reach out to us over chat and we'll keep you notified when that particular doc type is available for importing! 

Importing a Google Doc

While we currently don't have a way to import a Google Doc using the importer, we've built out a robust copy/paste functionality within our tool. You can copy text, headers, images, etc. from Google Docs and paste it right into a new Tettra doc. We'll automatically format the page according to our own styling rules. 

If you'd like to embed a Google Doc rather than copying that information into a Tettra page, you can do so using our embedding functionality in our editor menu. Feel free to check out this help center article for reference. 

Adding a Google Doc as an external link is easy as well! Check out this article for more info.

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