Occasionally Tettra users search for documentation to answer their questions and are unable to find the answer.  The best way to let the rest of your team know you haven't been able to find information is by creating a request.

A list of your team's requests can be found at the top of your dashboard.  We add five example requests to each account as suggestions.  You'll see a number next to your name, which shows how many requests in the queue are assigned to you (if any). All Requests are visible to the entire team.

The first step to adding a request is to click into the Requests screen in the header.  It's to the right of the search box.

Once on that screen, you'll have an overview of all open requests. You'll also see a tab with all the requests that have already been responded to or closed. To add a new request click the Request a Page button in the top right of the page.

The request option includes the ability to assign the request to a specific team member.  If you know who the resident expert on the subject is, assign it directly to them.  It will then mention that teammate in the Slack notification that's sent out.  If you don't have a specific teammate in mind, you can leave that field as 'Not sure'.

If you already know what category the page belongs in you can select that as well.  If you've set up notification settings for each category it will then send a notification to the corresponding Slack channel.  

Each request has a detail view that allows commenting, so team members can have a conversation on what information needs to be added. Team members can also 'upvote' requests by clicking the thumbs-up button, to see which requests are most popular and should be answered first.

To respond to a request, you can click the 'Create page' button. It will launch you right into a new draft of that page and will carry over the page title from the original request. Once you publish that page it will automatically be linked from the detail view:

Creating Requests with the Slash Command

You can also create requests within Slack conversations using a slash command.  Just type in /tettra request @[slack username] [title] .

Find more information on using slash commands in Slack for search, requests and to create pages here.

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