We want to help you feel confident that your team is running more effectively, thanks to Tettra. That's why we'll share stats from your account in regular reports, delivered directly to your inbox.

Usage analytics will give you a sense for which pages are getting viewed the most and who's contributing to your Tettra account.

We'll send you a monthly report that contains detailed data about your account:

  • The number of pages created in the last month
  • The number of pages viewed in the last month
  • The top pages and their view count
  • The most active usersĀ 
  • The number of pages each user created
  • The number of pages each user viewed

This data can give you a feel for the ROI you're getting from Tettra. Each time someone acquires knowledge through Tettra (rather than interrupting a co-worker to ask), that's time saved. Given the high cost of interruptions, you might be helping your team double what they can get done in a day!

Keep in mind that usage analytics is only available in our "Scaling Plan", so sign on for our Scaling Plan if you want this sweet sweet data. Please reach out for more details.

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