The Tettra Zapier app is currently in a private beta stage, if you are interested in testing Zapier please join the Zapier beta.

What is the Zapier + Tettra Integration

Zapier allows you to connect over 1000+ different apps. Zapier is all about creating workflows, and automating repeat work. Use Zapier to automatically create Tettra pages based on certain conditions.

How to use Tettra with Zapier

Once you have accepted the invitation to the Tettra Beta app on Zapier, you will have access to use Tettra in your Zaps. This article give a quick run down how to setup a Zap with Tettra.

Creating a Zap with Tettra "Create Page" action

1. First click the "MAKE A ZAP!" button

2. Next "Choose a trigger". This can anything you like. For the example we are going to use a schedule trigger.

3. Select the Schedule trigger, then choose how often you would like the trigger to happen. 

4. Choose the day and time for the schedule

5. Once the Trigger is all setup. Then you want to Select Tettra as the Action App.
If Tettra does not show up, you have not enabled the app on your zapier account, just reach out to us to get it enabled.

6. Select the Create a Page actoin

6. Next you need to connect your Tettra account, click Connect an Account

7. This window will pop up, click the link to:

8. You will be directed to this page, click on the Generate API Key button.

9. Your Team ID and Key will be shown here, copy the Team ID and Key

10. Paste the Team ID and Key from the Tettra Keys page, into the appropriate fields in Zapier.

11. Next (optionally) select a category that you would like your page to go into in Tettra. 

12. Next choose what you want in the Body of your page. You can use some basic HTML here (such as headers, lists, etc). This can be a dynamic source from the action, or can be state. Then choose the Title of the page. You can use some dynamic values in here such as date (in screenshot below). 

13. Thats it, you're done! Turn on your Zap, and you are all set, well done!

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