Folders give you the ability to further group related content for better discoverability and organization within categories.

Folders are located in a tab called 'Folders' on the category page:

From the Folders tab, you can view your folders, as well as create new ones:

Viewing Folders

Simply click the folder name, to view all the folders contents. A page may only exist in a single folder.

Creating New Folders

To create a new folder, enter the folder name, and click the [ + ] button:

Adding new pages to Folders

While creating new pages, you can add them to a category and a folder by clicking the "choose category" button in the header.

You'll then be able to select the category and folder you want to move that draft to.

Adding existing pages to Folders

To categorize a page into a folder, click the category name in either the Categories dropdown menu or the dashboard. You can also click category names in the page results.

Click the 🔽 icon and select the Move option.

Select the folder you want to store your page in from the Folder dropdown. Press the Move page button. 

Congratulations 🎉 Your page is now filed in the Folder you chose. Give yourself a gold medal 🏅 for organization.

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