One of the hallmarks of a good documentation tool is putting your team's knowledge in the places you already spend your time.  We integrate with Slack messenger to put your shared knowledge at your fingertips as you need it.

You can use Tettra's slash command within any of your conversations.  That includes channels, 1-on-1 conversations, and direct message groups.  Anywhere you're using Slack you can search across your wiki with a slash command.

The slash command for Tettra is /tettra.  To search using the slash command type in /tettra find and add any relevant keywords.  A good example is "/tettra find development".

You can use the Share with Channel button to insert that page into the message thread.  If the page you were searching for isn't returned you can click the hyperlink to "view all results" in the web app.

It's important to know the results of your search are only visible to you, so you won't clutter your conversations with your searches.

If you do search and don't find the documentation you need, the best next step is to create a Request.

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