What are slash commands?

Slash commands are shortcuts you can type into the message input box to perform an action. Just type "/tettra" to see a full list of slash commands for Tettra.

What are the Tettra Slash Commands?

Searching and sharing pages

Search for pages in Tettra right from Slack to view or share with your team.

/tettra find [query]

Displays a list of page results that are shared with your privately and are only visible to you.

To share a page into the Slack stream, just press the Share with channel button.

Creating Tettra page drafts from Slack

Create page drafts in Tettra right from Slack.

/tettra new [page title]

Click Edit draft to jump to the page editor to write your content for the page.

Creating page requests in Slack

If you have a question you'd like an answer to, you can make a request for a page to be written from Slack.  

/tettra request [title] 

If you know a specific user who might be able to answer the request, you can use the following to create the request and assign it in one action.

/tettra request @[slack username] [title]

Need help?

Display a list of the Tettra slash commands inside of Slack.

/tettra help

Help is the default command for Tettra. If you use any other words besides "find" and "new" as your command word, the list of commands will display in the stream.

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