Tettra currently supports 5 user types:

  • admin: can manage users, billing, export all pages, access to monthly analytics, and edit locked pages

  • editor (previously called 'user'): can create and edit pages; invite new users

  • billing admin:  can make updates to billing information, but does not have access to other administrator features. 

  • contributor (available on Scaling plan): can create and edit pages, unable to make account-level changes

  • read-only (available on Scaling plan): can read amd comment on pages, request pages, and ask questions

  • guest (available on Scaling plan): can only view and edit pages in specified categories

All user types (regardless of role) will be considered in your account's overall User count.

You can set roles for new users when you invite them to join your team (before they log in for the first time):

You can also see and manage your team's user roles on the Team members page:

As an admin you can update any team member's role (except your own). 

For more information on managing users, check out this article.

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