The default order in Tettra is by most recently updated, but you can change the default order to alphabetical or custom by editing the category:

A few things to note:

  • Subcategories will always appear at the top of the list (with the exception of pinned pages)

  • "Pin to subcategory" is only available for "alphabetical" and "last modified" ordering

  • You can rearrange the order of pinned objects or custom ordered categories by using the 9-dot drag and drop icon:

Filtering and Sorting

You can filter your pages by name (alphabetically) or by last modified date. Just click "Name" or "Last Modified" above the page/subcategory list.

Once you're finished with the filter view, you can either click "clear sort" or navigate away from the page.

Please Note: Filtering and Sorting are temporary views and are only visible to the individual user. Reordering will maintain the order you select for all viewers of the category.

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