Building a checklist in Tettra

Uses emojis to create a checklist in Tettra.
▢ Task yet to be finished - use a white square emoji
❌ Missed task - use a cross mark
✅ Completed task - use a check mark

Drawing attention to content

️️ℹ️ Check this out for some additional context

⚠️ Warning people about important sections of content. Important to note, but not dire.

❗️Danger, Will Robinson! Definitely read this. Very important. 

Inserting Emojis

On MacOS
You can bring up the emoji menu by going to (in the menu bar):
 Edit > Emoji's & Symbols
Or you can use the keyboard shortcut:  [command] + [control] + [space] 

On Windows

Keyboard shortcut: Windows Key and Period

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