Ordering in categories is slightly different to reordering in folders in that you can order both pinned folders and pages in the category. 

To reorder a page &/or folder, first ensure the page is "pinned" (click on the context dot menu next to item and click "pin to category"). Once the page or folders are pinned, you will see a drag handle (9 dots) appear next to the item in the list, click and drag the page/folder into the desired order. 

Filtering and Sorting

You can filter your pages by name (alphabetically) or by last modified date. Just click "Name" or "Last Modified" below the category name. 

Once you're finished with the filter view, you can either click "clear sort" or navigate away from the page.

Please Note: there is no way to retain these filtered views permanently. They cannot be used to set the order of folders and pages within a category. 

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