Highlight controls

You can style single words or sections of text with our highlight controls. Just select the text you want to style, then choose a style.

B: Bold
i: Italic
S: Strikethrough
H1: Header One
H2: Header Two
H3: Header Three
</>: Inline Code
link: You can add a link to the selected text, the following dialogue will show, then press [ enter / return ]  to confirm the link. Or click [ x ]  to cancel.
Underline: to underline text, select some text and hit cmd+u 


If writing markdown is your thing, Tettra has you covered. Just type the normal markdown syntax and we’ll automatically convert it to the proper html. For example type ## followed by a space to create a Heading 2.

We support the following:

  • hashes for headers  (#, ##, ###)
  • dashes, for bullet list ( - list item)
  • numbers with a period for ordered list (1. ordered item)
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