After using Tettra for a bit you may have noticed we support a very specific set of font options.

We support the following font styles and corresponding markdown shortcuts:

  • Bold (**...**) or (__...__)

  • Italics (*...*) or (_..._)

  • Strikethrough text (~~...~~)

  • Bulletted lists (- ...) or (* ...)

  • Numbered lists (1. ...)

  • H1 Headers (# ...)
    H2 Headers (## ...)
    H3 Headers (### ...)

If you're interested in learning more markdown shortcuts available in Tettra, check out our auto markdown documentation

We currently don't support any options to change font colors or styles.  That's because we've very specifically chosen to keep Tettra as simple and easy-to-read as possible. We've found many teams appreciate the uniformity this creates across their documentation. For more information on the styling options available to your team, check out our Editor Overview.

We believe those decisions help prevent technology fatigue and lack of consistency across your pages, but we're always open to feedback. Feel free to reach out over chat if you have any comments or additional questions. We'd be happy to help! 

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