Create a new page

To create a new page, just click the “New” button and select Create a new page in the top right of any screen.

Edit an existing page

To edit a page, navigate to the page and click the Edit button above the page title.

How Drafts work

A private draft is created whenever a new page creating a new page that hasn't been published or editing an existing page,

Overview of Insert and Highlight Controls:

Insert Controls

Any time that you are on a blank line, the insert controls ( + ) symbol will show up to the left of the editor. When you click this you will have a number of options to insert content and blocks in the editor:

Embed:  You can use the embed to insert rich content. This is ideal for embedding a video (Youtube, Vimeo etc.) for more information on embeds.

Image: Have an image on your computer that you would like to share? Click the Image, and select the image. We support most image formats.

File: Need to share a file with the team? Simply click the file button, and find your file on your computer. We support most formats learn more about

Bullets: AKA unordered list. Click this to insert a bullet list. Great for quickly dot pointing some notes and ideas. (You can also use a markdown shortcut for this, just type -   (dash + space) on a blank line, and we will automatically add a bullet).

List: AKA ordered lists. List bullet list, click List to add an ordered list of items. Great for writing instructions, or anything else where the order matters. (We have a markdown shortcut for this too, just type 1. on a new line.

Line: AKA horizontal rule. Use this is to break up your page, and clearly, divide two or more sections. 

Code:  We have basic support for code blocks. Code blocks can be used for more than just code, are great for quotes, and other content that needs to be differentiated. 

Callout: Need to draw your readers' attention to an important piece of information? Insert a callout box anywhere on your page. 

Table: We support table creation within the editor and also allow you to embed or copy/paste tables from other locations (Google Sheets, Airtable, etc.)

Highlight controls

You can also style single words or sections of text with our highlight controls. Just select the text you want to style, then choose a style.

B: Bold
i: Italic
S: Strikethrough
H1: Header One
H2: Header Two
H3: Header Three
</>: Inline code
link: You can add a link to the selected text, the following dialogue will show, then press [ enter / return ]  to confirm the link. Or click [ x ]  to cancel.

Table of Contents

The table of contents is automatically generated for all your pages by utilizing your headers. Each header will appear as a subsection in your table of contents as you add them to your draft.


If writing markdown is your thing, Tettra has you covered. Just type the normal markdown syntax and we’ll automatically convert it to the proper html. For example type ## followed by a space to create a Heading 2.

We support the following:

  • hashes for headers  (#, ##, ###)

  • dashes, for bullet list ( - list item)

  • numbers with a period for ordered list (1. ordered item)


If you’re not ready to publish a page quite yet, you can save a draft to publish later.
Drafts are saved automatically, and you can find your drafts in Drafts


You can easily add the page to a category right from the editor. Click "Choose Category / Subcategory"  and you can search to find your category.

Page Owners

A page owner is the one who is responsible for keeping the content of a page up to date. Their avatar will appear in the upper right of each page. By default, the person who creates a page is set as the page owner.

To change the owner of a page, open up the page in Edit mode, click on the avatar, and select the new owner from the dropdown menu:

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