Connecting your Slack Workspace to Tettra

To take advantage of our advanced integration features with Slack like automatic user management and the /tettra slash command, connect your Tettra account with your team's Slack Workspace. 

You can set up or view your Slack Workspace connection under the Team Settings > Team Integrations page:

Your workspace will automatically be connected if you signed up with Slack:

If you created your Tettra account with your email, you'll have the option to connect Slack during onboarding or can set it up later from the Slack integration page by clicking the Connect to Slack button.

Note that you can only connect your Slack workspace to one Tettra account at a time.

Slack Log in and Authentication

Managing accounts when employees join and leave your company can be a real hassle. We make it easy by hooking right into Slack’s account system. 

Once you've connected the integration, anyone you add to your Slack workspace will be able to log in and create a profile in your account without an invite. 

Please note that deactivating a user in Slack will not deactivate the user in Tettra. 

Keep in mind that Tettra will only work with full Slack members. Guests can be invited via their email address.

Channel Notifications

Channel notifications work for all teams, even if you haven't connected a Slack workspace.
To keep your team better engaged with your wiki content, you can set up Slack notifications. Right now, we send notifications for:

  • New categorized pages
  • Updated categorized pages
  • A new comment is created on a categorized page
  • New Requests

We also try to @mention the people who a page or request has been assigned to. Here's an example of a request notification:

Slash Command

Slash Commands are special text based commands you can use in Slack. Tettra’s slash command lets you search for tettra pages in any slack channel or 1-on-1 chat. It also lets you create pages and suggestions directly from Slack.

To run a slash command, type ‘/tettra find’ followed by a search term then hit enter to see the results. For example, try typing ‘/tettra find slack’ to find this page.

For more information on using the slash command check out our help center article.


Connecting Slack also adds Tettra's Slackbot to your workspace

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