Connecting your Slack Workspace to Tettra

Tettra's integration with Slack lets you automatically manage user logins and use the Tettra shortcut slash commands in Slack channels and DMs.

To start using Tettra with Slack, you'll need to connect your Tettra account with your team's Slack Workspace

You can set up or view your Slack Workspace connection under the Team Settings > Team Integrations page:

Your workspace will automatically be connected if you signed up with Slack:

If you created your Tettra account with your email or Google account, you'll have the option to set up your Slack integration later.

Note that you can only connect your Slack workspace to one Tettra account at a time.

Managing single sign-on with Slack

Creating and deleting accounts when employees join or leave your company can be a real hassle. Luckily, Tettra makes it easy by connecting to Slack’s SSO system. 

Once you've connected the integration, anyone you add to your Slack workspace will be able to log in and create a profile in your account without an invite. 

If you're on our Scaling plan and prefer to disable SSO with Slack, we've also got you covered.

Visit Team Settings > Admin settings and disallow the Slack log-in option:  

ℹ️ Note: deactivating a user in Slack will not deactivate the user in Tettra. 

Keep in mind that Tettra will only work with full Slack members. Guests can be invited via their email address.

Channel Notifications

To keep your team better engaged with your wiki content, you can set up Slack channel notifications. Right now, Tettra sends notifications for:

  • New questions

  • New answers

  • New pages

  • Updated pages

  • New comments

  • New page requests

Here's an example of a new Question notification in Slack:

ℹ️ Note: Questions and Pages need to be filed under a Tettra category connected to a Slack channel to send notifications.

Slack Shortcuts

Slack Shortcuts (also known as slash commands) are special actions you can use in Slack. Tettra’s shortcut commands let you:

  • Search for Tettra pages in any Slack channel or direct message

  • Create page drafts directly from Slack

  • Request a new page inside of Slack

Searching in Slack

To search for a Tettra page from Slack, click the Slack shortcut menu ⚡️ and search for Tettra, or type /tettra find follow by your search term. Then hit enter to see the results. The results are only visible to you.

If you'd like to share a page within a Slack channel, click Share with channel, and the content from the Tettra page will display in Slack.

Requesting a Tettra page from Slack

If you'd like to create a page request from Slack using a shortcut, type /tettra request [title].

You can also assign a page request to a teammate by including an @ mention like this:
/tettra suggest @[slack username] [title]

Slack Actions

You can use Slack actions to create a page request from an existing Slack message.

Just hover over any Slack message and click the More Actions menu in the top right corner, select Tettra Wiki > Suggest a page, and fill out your page request details.

Once you've done this, the page request will automatically be added to your Tettra account so that people know the page is being worked on.

A notification will also automatically be sent into the Slack channel so that everyone know the page request was captured.

Finally, the assignee will be notified via Slack and email that a teammate requested them to write a page.


Connecting Slack to Tettra also add a bot to your workspace. Learn more about Tettra's Slackbot.

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