At Tettra, we believe in transparency. 

We don't hide our pricing and force you to do a demo call where we try to figure out how much you can pay then use that to squeeze you for every dollar you can spare. 

Nope, there's no shenanigans here. 

You can view our pricing on our pricing page.

Our pricing is based on two different tiers: Features and Users. 

We offer 3 different plans; Starting, Scaling, and Enterprise. Each of our plans include a certain amount of free users, but you can add more users to all our plans without having to upgrade to the next one. The pricing for each plan is as follows:

Starting: This plan gives you access to our basic features. The subscription is free and comes with 5 free users. If you need more than 5 users, each additional user is $5/month. 

Scaling: Our Scaling plan begins at $99/month and gives you access to our advanced feature set. It comes with 10 free users, with each additional user priced at $8/month.

Enterprise: Reach out to us in our Support inbox and we'll work with you to determine pricing.

How are users counted?

We only count people on your team who have actually signed up for a Tettra account as a user. This includes guest users, read-only users, as well as regular users and admins. Learn more about User Roles.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer two months off your subscription when you choose to sign up for an annual plan. 

We currently don't offer discounts to educational institutions and non-profits.

Do you offer Enterprise pricing?

We do. Contact us to inquire about pricing for larger teams - [email protected]

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