Occasionally, when reading content in Tettra you'll stumble across content that's out of date and should be updated. If you're not the resident expert on the subject you can suggest an update to the page owner. The option is available from the 3-dot 'kebab' menu on the top right of the page or at the bottom of the page above the comments section:

You can add more details on what needs to be updated, assign the suggestion, or schedule it:

Scheduling update suggestions is a great way to keep tabs on your documentation over time. If you know a certain document may be subject to change, schedule a suggestion to remind you to check the page in the future. That way you'll never have to worry your documentation is out of date. 

Once you create the suggestion, it'll automatically be added to the Open Suggestions view and the comment section at the bottom of the page: 

Just like with all other suggestion types, the assigned team member and the person who opened the suggestion will get a notifications on any activity on the suggestion (created, comments, closed).

Thank You

Once the page has been updated by the page owner, don't forget to say "Thank you"! By clicking this button, you'll send a notification to the page owner letting them know you found their update helpful. "Thank you" reactions are saved on the page so you'll also get to see how valuable a page is over time at a quick glance:

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