Learn more about the Zapier integration

Here is a list of some ideas to get you going with Tettra "Zaps" in Zapier. If you need some help getting any setup, just reach out.

Create a page every single week on a Monday

Use the Zapier schedule app to create a Tettra page at any interval (every day, every week, every second monday etc. )

Create a page from an Email

Setup a Zapier email (looks like this: [email protected]), then just forward your emails to the address and it will create a Tettra page.

Create a page when you create a new Slack #channel

Use the slack trigger New Channel to automatically create a page in Tettra. Then go into Tettra and give a more details description of how and when to use the channel.

Create a page for every new Github milestone

Use the github integration with the New milestone trigger to create a Tettra page with the Milestone as a title, and then you can create a template to fill out in Tettra for each new milestone.

Create a page for each new Trello board

Use the New board trigger for Trello to create a new page in Tettra each time you create a new Trello board

See Tettra on Zapier for more ideas.

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