Your Recent Activity is the first page you see when you log into Tettra. This page acts as a hub for your entire team. Use it to view recent activity, recently viewed pages, to-do items, pinned pages, personal bookmarks, and a sidebar that works as an overview of your account. 

Tettra's sidebar menu allows users to browse for documentation, access different areas of the account like Suggestions and Templates (and Analytics on our Scaling plan), and your Archive

When you navigate to a page in your account, the sidebar will automatically scroll to the page. 

If you find the sidebar distracting at any point, you can collapse it from any page in the account by clicking the hamburger menu in the upper right corner of the sidebar menu:

Recent Activity Feed

All your most recent account activity is located in the body of the Recent Activity page

. You'll be able to see most recently updated/created pages, the timestamp,  and who performed the action. Apart from that, you'll also notice reactions, comments, and drafts you've recently created. 

My To Do Items

As you begin to start using your account, you'll notice the "My todo items" section will start populating with tasks. You can see the number of your open todo items next to 'My todo items". These items include non-published drafts and assigned suggestions:

To delete a draft without leaving the Recent Activity page, hover over the draft and click the "x" button:

Pinning Pages to the Bulletin Board

Do you have a few docs your team accesses regularly? Would you like to keep your account overview docs/welcome pages in one place? You can do this by pinning these pages to your Recent Activity page on the Bulletin board

Please Note: This option is available to admins only. 

Simply enter a published page and/or click the kebab menu to the right of the page title. 

Select "Pin to bulletin board", navigate to your Recent Activity page, and you should see your newly-pinned article on your Bulletin board!

Bookmarking Pages

Bookmarks work similarly to pinned items, but they are only visible to you. If you find yourself regularly updating/consulting a certain page, you may want to consider bookmarking it to make it more readily accessible. 

You can bookmark a page from both the category and page views:

Your bookmarked pages can be found in the left hand sidebar:

Recently Viewed Pages

You can find the pages you have most recently viewed to the right of the Recent Activity feed.

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