A question we get all the time is, "How is Tettra different from other documentation tools?"

When we started Tettra, we looked at existing knowledge management tools and saw that they failed for three main reasons.

First, they’re really complex and require a lot of busy work to add and organize content. Second, they quickly get filled up with stale, out-of-date content. Finally, they aren’t connected to existing workflows, so people don't reference them for answers.

We saw an opportunity to do something really unique and purposefully designed Tettra to solve these three problems.

  1. It's simple
    Writing documentation to help make your team more effective shouldn't be an intimidating task; that's why we built Tettra to be simple. This ensures that every member of the team feels comfortable contributing, from folks in Operations to Engineering.
  2. It's designed for teams not individuals
    Unlike traditional document tools, Tettra is designed for teams. That way the job of content creation and upkeep doesn't fall on a single person. "Crowd-sourced" knowledge bases better because there isn't a single bottleneck.
  3. It's smart
    We've built powerful workflows into Tettra to save you time when creating and updating content. You can easily share content and let teammates know about changes with our Slack integration. There's a friendly Tettra robot that will find out-of-date pages that you should update or delete to keep things tidy. You can also automate page creation based on Zapier triggers from other tools like Trello or Github.
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