To change your profile information, open the drop down in the top right and choose My Settings → Edit my profile.

From here, you can change your display name, email address, job title, and profile picture.

Upload a custom profile picture

If you connect your Slack account, we'll pull in your profile photo from Slack and automatically keep it synced.

If you'd like to add a custom profile photo, you can do so from your My Profile page.

First, open your profile in the top right dropdown menu with your username:

Next, click Edit User Profile:

Change your profile picture

Go to My Settings → Edit my profile and click Upload New Avatar:

Select the file you want as an avatar, and then click Save changes.

Remove your profile picture

To remove your avatar, click Remove Avatar from the My Settings → Edit my profile page.

This will return your personal avatar to your original Slack-synced avatar. If you don't have one, it will return one of Tettra's default avatars.

Overriding another user's profile information and avatar

If you're an administrator and want to override a user's avatar, you can temporarily deactivate that user, override their profile information, then reactive their account.

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