Shareable links are included on Tettra's Scaling plan.

It's often helpful to share just a single Tettra page with collaborators without giving them access to your entire Tettra account or making the page public. For example, you could share a link to your Benefits Summary with a candidate during their interview process or share a project brief with a new contractor.

Tettra gives you the ability to share a page with an authorized link - only people who would normally have access to the page (like your team members) and those who have the authorized link will be able to access it.

Note: This feature is available for all user roles except read-only users.

Click the 'Share' button in the top right of the page:

This will bring up the share menu. Click 'Get shareable link' to generate the authorized link:

Clicking the icon next the link will copy it to your clipboard. You can then paste it into an email or Slack to share it with the right folks:

You can see if the page is link-shared by looking above the page title at the visibility settings:

You can disable the shared link at any time and any links to the page that were shared previously will no longer work. If you'd like to share the page again, you'll have to generate and share a new link

When an external user accesses a page via the authorized link, no other content will be visible in the sidebar:

Note that you cannot share public pages in this way because they are already accessible by anyone at their normal URL.

Bear in mind that your page will be indexed by Google if you include the shareable link on an indexed page. 

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