Some people might only need access to certain categories in your Tettra account. For instance, you might want to invite contractors or interns, but you need to restrict their access to certain items. Or maybe you're a digital agency, and you want to collaborate with clients in a centralized place. If you're on the Scaling plan, these individuals can be invited as guest users. (More info on our plans can be found here.) 

Inviting guest users

While logged into your Tettra account, go to the top left dropdown menu and select “Manage Users”.

Add the person by email address or Slack user, just as you would any other team member. Make sure to set the role as "Guest" and then go ahead and send that invite: 

Granting Access to Specific Categories

To grant access to certain categories, click the highlighted category link next to your Guest User: 

Select as many categories as you want, and hit save. Once the person logs in and creates their account, they'll be able to see and edit pages in those categories.

Other factors to note

Guests can do all the same things that regular users can do, (including sharing and printing pages), provided they're in a category to which you've invited them. They can also see all information within public categories but will not be able to edit those pages, unless they are explicitly given access. You may add or remove a guest's access to categories at any time.

Deactivating guest users or changing their status

You can change a guest's role (to a regular "editor", for example,) if they move from a contractor to a full-time employee and need access to all categories. You can also deactivate their guest account. Both of these actions must be done by someone in an admin role.


All user types (regardless of role) will be considered in your account's overall User count.

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