If you're just getting started with Tettra, try out these tips. They'll help you figure out what documentation to focus on first, how to use templates, and how to help your team ramp up.


Hi, I’m Trish. And if you’ve just signed up for Tettra, and aren’t sure where to start, here are three quick tips to think about during your trial. 

My #1 tip is to start with an easy pain point. Focus on something in your customer or employee experience that already has documentation. Maybe it’s something that’s hard for the team to find, or doesn’t get circulated enough. 

If you’re still overwhelmed, you can also check out the pre-loaded templates for examples on what other organizations find are the most useful pages. 

Share with your team - The pages in Tettra aren’t a static employee handbook. They’re living, breathing documents that are meant to be updated. 

It’s important to get feedback from people that will be writing pages or reading them day to day. Whether you get them to update the pages during your trial, or you just incorporate their edits, Tettra works best when it’s a team effort. 

Now it’s time to present your work. If you’re in a trial and not technical, the good news for you is there’s no other implementation needed besides inviting new team members. 

I’d recommend creating a Tettra page with some quick notes on the rollout details that you could present at a team meeting. 

For more tips, check the guide I wrote by clicking the link at the end of this video.

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