What is indexed for search?

Tettra's search looks for keywords in page titles, headers, page content, tables, file attachment names, external doc names, questions and answers, and page requests.

We are do not currently index comments on a page, content in attached files or embedded resources, templates, or the body content of external documents.

Order of relevance

When you search in Tettra, the auto suggest view will split the results into pages, external docs, and questions:

Search results are given priority based on the following order:

  1. Page title matches

  2. Header matches in descending order from H1 to H3

  3. Content on a page

If two pages contain the same search term, the page that was most recently updated will take priority. Frequency of keyword usage on a page will not impact how we prioritize search results. 

Filtering search results

Hit enter after typing a search term to go to the search results page.

You can filter search results by category after searching for a keyword on the right hand category list:


Filtered categories are highlighted in grey. You can deselect a category from your filtering criteria by clicking it a second time. 

Multi-word searches 

While we support multi-word searches, we currently display results only if both terms are located in the same paragraph or table cell

Typo-tolerance vs. exact match

Our search functionality helps account for any typos in your search terms. The minimum characters required to accept one typo is 5 characters. The minimum for 2 typos is 10 characters. Switching two letters in a single word (i.e. "Tettra" vs "Tettar") counts as one typo. 

Supported Languages

All languages/characters are supported so long as they match the language/characters of your documentation. 

What to do if your search terms aren't showing expected results

We're always looking for ways to improve our search functionality. If you're having trouble searching for something, please reach out to [email protected] and let us know.

Here are some helpful things to check or include to help expedite the troubleshooting process:

  1. Check to make sure the document you're searching for isn't a draft or hasn't been archived.

  2. If you're able to find the page within your account, make sure the search term you were using is located somewhere on the page. If you used a multi word search, check to confirm both words are located within the same title, header, paragraph, or table cell.

  3. Once you've confirmed the above, please include a screenshot of the page you're trying to search for (including the search term[s]), a screenshot of the search results in the search bar, and any other keywords you tried to search for.

My pages created via the API aren't showing up in search

Pages created via the API currently aren't indexed in search. This is a known bug that we plan to fix soon. To add the page to the search index, simply edit it and save it again.

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