Invite members of your community to access your wiki while limiting their ability to create or edit content. 

For instances where you'd like to invite people to view and react to your pages, a read-only user role will do just the trick! This option is ideal if you'd like all members of your team to have access to your wiki without creating too much clutter or having your hard-earned wisdom open to edits. 

If you're on the Scaling plan, these types of individuals can be invited as read-only users. (More info on our plans can be found here.) 

Inviting read-only users

Navigate to the dropdown next to your avatar, select "Team settings”, go to “Team Members”, and click "Invite teammates". 

Make sure to set the User role to read-only, add the user by email or slack, then click "Next". 

Finish the rest of the invite flow and include a personal invite message.

Changing the role of a read-only user

If at any point you decide you'd like to give your read-only user more control over your wiki, changing their role is a simple process. Navigate to your Team Members page, click on the dropdown to the right of their name, and set them as a User or Guest. 

Don't forget: you'll need administrative access to change a users role.

Other factors to note

While read-only users cannot create or edit content, they will be able to share, comment on, and react to pages. Read-only are also not able to access bookmarks, pinning, page moving, version history, templates, or archiving.


All user types (regardless of role) will be considered in your account's overall User count. Both Growing and Scaling plans include 5 free users. Check out our pricing page for more information.

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