Collaborative editing (multiple users editing a page at the same time) is not a current feature within Tettra.

It is possible to have two people editing the same page, but we discourage people from doing so. If Person A saves the page while Person B is still working on it, then Person B saves the page, they will overwrite the first page. To minimize the chances of this occurring, we've set up our own "traffic cop" for times when your page is being edited in draft mode.

With Tettra's traffic cop, you can rest easy knowing that any unpublished changes will not be overwritten if another member of your team tries to edit the same page. 

Say you decide to update a pre-existing page but get pulled away before you're ready to publish those changes (i.e.: it's Taco Tuesday and the special ends at 2pm). If someone else on your team attempts to edit the same page while you're away, they'll be presented with a prompt before they can continue. 

Tacos and peace of mind? Two things we always love here at Tettra. 

Clicking 'Edit anyway' in the modal will override the prompt, but any previous unpublished changes may be lost. 

If the user is a Slack user, you'll be presented with an option to 'Message' them. Clicking this will open up a direct message between yourself and the user in Slack. 

If the user is an email user, you'll be presented with the option to send them an email instead of a s Slack message. Choosing this option will open up a message within your email client including the following default message:

If one of your teammates clicks 'Edit anyway', you can still access your unsaved edits in your drafts

Please note: the traffic cop modal isn't limited to situations in which a teammate is actively working on edits in an open tab. You might see this warning if one of your teammates started editing a page months ago and left the page without saving those edits.

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