Are you looking for a way to set permissions based on groups instead of individual users? Our Google Groups integration allows you to do just that! 

Once you've connected the integration, you'll be able to hit the ground running and assign permissions by the teams you're already using in your day-to-day workflow.  

NOTE #1: You must be subscribed to the Scaling plan to have access to this feature. 

NOTE #2: You must have "Groups administrator" privileges in Gsuite in order to turn this on for your team.

Connecting to Google Groups

Sign into your Tettra account, click the Account dropdown next to your name, and navigate to Team Settings. Once you're there, click on 'User Groups' in the lefthand menu. You should then be presented with the option to 'Connect Google Groups'. 

Managing Your Groups

Now that your Groups are connected, you can view all available groups on the User Group page and click into each one to view its members. 

Please note that Tettra will only show members of a Google Group who are already a part of your Tettra account. Since groups are managed by Google, they cannot be edited within Tettra. 

We'll be working on automatically syncing between the two platforms in the coming months, but for now make sure to click the 'Sync Groups' button in the upper right hand corner whenever you make any changes to your teams in Google.

Setting Category Permissions

Adding groups to a private category is the same as adding an individual user. Edit the category by clicking the kebab menu to the right of a category title, select 'Only certain people and groups' if you haven't already, and choose the correct team from the dropdown menu. 

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