You and your team can use content suggestions to get a better idea of how your Tettra content can be improved. This includes new page requests, page update requests, out-of-date pages, and pages that need to be verified.

You can access your account analytics in the lefthand sidebar menu from any page within your Tettra account. 

Please Note: verified pages, stale pages report, public content report, and unowned pages are only available on our Scaling plan

Page requests

You and your teammates can use page requests to request new and updated content.

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Stale Pages Report

Our Stale Pages report automatically pulls in pages that haven't been viewed or updated in over 3 months. 

Sort by name, location, last modified date, or last viewed date. As you go through this report, you'll be able to archive pages that are no longer relevant, suggest an update, edit, or mark the page as fresh if there's no need to make any changes.

To take action, click the dropdown menu to the left of the page and take your pick. 

Verified Pages

Verified pages are pages where the content needs to be verified by a content owner on a set schedule. Learn more about verification here.

Unowned pages

A list of pages that no longer have an owner due to someone's account being deactivated.

Public Content

A list of content that is visible to the public outside of your account. Learn more about public public content.

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