Here at Tettra, we're crazy about data-driven decision making. Use our account analytics to get a better idea of team usage, keep tabs on out-of-date pages, and report back to your team on individual buy-in. 

You can access your account analytics in the lefthand sidebar menu from any page within your Tettra account. 

Please Note: Our Account Analytics are available on our Scaling plan

Stale Pages Report

Looking for a way to keep tabs on out-of-date documentation? Our Stale Pages report automatically pulls in pages that haven't been viewed or updated in over 3 months. 

Sort by name, location, last modified date, or last viewed date. As you go through this report, you'll be able to archive pages that are no longer relevant, suggest an update, edit, or mark the page as fresh if there's no need to make any changes. Simply click the kebab menu to the left of the page and take your pick. 

Additional Reports

We'll be working on bringing you more reports in the coming months, but we'd love to hear your feedback!

Have an idea of a report your team would find helpful? Send it our way using the chat widget in the lower right hand corner of the screen. 

Team Usage Analytics

Our monthly Team Usage Analytics email is also available on our Scaling plan. Read more about this report here.  

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