Invite users to contribute to your wiki without granting access to account-level settings and features. 

With the contributor user role, you get more control over user permissions without sacrificing security or your organizational structure.

Contributors can:

They will also be restricted from making account level changes like creating/editing categories, inviting users, or changing permissions.

Please Note: The contributor user role is available on our Scaling Plan

Inviting Contributors

To invite contributors to your account, navigate to your Team Members page in your settings and select "Invite Teammates"

Select "Contributor" from the dropdown in the invite modal, then choose your recipient. 

Finish the rest of the invite flow and include a personal invite message.

Changing the role of a contributor

If at any point you decide you'd like to change the role of a contributor, you can do so from the Team Members page.  Simply click on the dropdown to the right of their name, and set them as an admin, editor, read-only, or guest user. 

Don't forget: you'll need administrative access to change a users role.


All user types (regardless of role) will be considered in your account's overall User count. The Scaling plan includes 10 free users. Check out our pricing page for more information.

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