This article is a general overview of all the ways you can sign into Tettra

Create an account

Creating an account for the first time is simple. Navigate to, click "Create free account", and create a new account through Slack, Google, or via email. 

No need to worry about choosing one over the other. Once you've created your account, you can connect your Slack workspace, G Suite account, or professional email to enable multiple ways for you and your team to sign in.  

After selecting your sign in method, follow the prompts on your screen to finish your account setup. 

Single Sign-On

Once you've created your account, connect your G Suite and/or Slack integrations. Enabling these integrations will allow anyone in your G Suite or Slack workspace (full users only) to sign into Tettra without an explicit invite. 

Please Note: Visit the Admin Settings page if you'd like to restrict SSO from Slack/Google or set a default user role for new users:

Logging in for the first time

If you're signing into a pre-existing account for the first time, you have a couple options. You can:

  • Follow the link in an email invite from your administrator

  • Navigate to, select "log in" from the global menu bar, and authenticate through Google or Slack if your team has either integration connected

If you're unsure which method to choose, contact your Tettra admin. Otherwise you can authenticate through either option and change your sign-in method from you settings later. 

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