Now that you've been added to your team's Tettra account, you might be wondering where to get started. You should always default to your administrators' instructions, but here's a guide to take a look at in the meantime.

1. Account Management

Logging in to Tettra
Log in with different Slack

2. Navigating Tettra

Recent Activity page Overview
Searching in Tettra

User Info
Email & Password
Update Profile Photo

Categories and Subcategories
Categories Overview

3. Pages

Pages Overview
Page Reactions
How to Mention a Teammate in a Comment
Share a page to Slack

4. Integrations

Slack Integration Overview
Slash command

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Integration Overview

G Suite
G-Suite Integration

5. Page Requests

Page Requests Overview

Create Page Requests from Slack

6. Asking Questions

Questions & Answers overview

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