Looking to share progress on a draft with another user? Draft sharing allows you to invite users to view your work before publishing it to your Tettra account. 

How to Add a User to a Draft

To enable draft sharing, first create a new draft or open an existing one, then click the "+" button next to the page owner icon:

Select the users you'd like to share the draft with, add a personal message, and then . click "Share draft":

You should now notice the newly invited users appearing next to the page owner icon:

How to Delete a User from a Draft

To remove a user from a shared draft, click the "+" icon, delete the selected user, and click "Share draft" to save the update:

Additional Information

When you share a draft with other users, they will not be able to edit or make Suggestions to your draft; you remain the only one who can make any changes or updates. 

When your invited users view your draft, they will automatically see the most recent edits you've made. 

Once you've published the page, you will remain the page owner unless you manually transfer page ownership to another user.  

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