Use Tettra's external document feature to share a Google doc, sheet, or slide deck alongside your Tettra pages while still leaving the original file in Google Drive.

Click the ➕ menu on any page and select Reference an external doc:

Search for your Google Drive asset in the Select Doc input and select it: 

Note: You may need to authorize Google Drive if you haven't yet.

Select the category/subcategory you'd like to add your external doc to, and then click Add link.

Where do external docs show up?

If you've added the Google Drive file to a category, you can view it in the left hand sidebar or within the category itself:

When a read clicks the external doc, the Google Drive file will open in a new tab.

Searching for External Docs

External docs are also searchable in the auto suggest. Tettra indexes the page title and searches on that:

Or, if you hit enter in the search results input, you can view all external docs containing the search keyword on the search results page:

If you'd like to delete an external link, click the category name in the sidebar then open the dropdown menu next to the link and select Archive:

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