If you'd like to share a password protected page with someone outside your organization, then you have a couple options available in Tettra.

Use Invite-only Categories and Guest User Roles

Please note: this option is only available for users on our Scaling or Enterprise plans

If you'd like to share password-protected information with a user outside your organization, consider using our invite-only categories and guest user role. 

First, set up an invite-only category.

Next, invite your viewer as a Guest user from the Team Members page in your settings:

Next, invite your Guest user.

Once you've invited this user, click the Category button next to their user name row, select the invite-only category you'd like to add them too, then click Save:

This will now allow:

  • your guest user will need to sign into Tettra to view the information

  • this guest user will only have access to the information in the invite-only category

  • they will not be able to share the information with anyone inside or outside your Tettra account

  • only Tettra users explicitly invited to the category will be able to view the information

Note: Guest users are charged the same as regular licenses.

Saving a Page as a Password-Protected PDF

Please Note: This option is available on every plan, but the PDF will not be updated if you make any changes to the Tettra page.

First, click the "Share" button and select "Print"

On the next page, choose "Save as PDF"

Once you've done this, password protect the PDF file using these Adobe Acrobat instructions

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