The Team Members page in your settings is where you can invite, deactivate, and change your users' roles. We know it's important to be able to manage your users at a glance, so we make the process simple with sortable columns.

Active tab

This tab shows all users who are currently active in your account. Keep in mind that all users in this tab count towards your overall user count (which can impact your monthly or quarterly user charge):

Sorting users

Search for users quickly by using our sorting feature. Just click any of the column headers and we'll sort your users by Name, Email, Last Active, Login Type, or User Type:

Looking for a quick way to make sure you're not being charged for any inactive users? Use the "Last Active" column to see who should potentially be deactivated. Here's a list of activities that determine a users Last Active metric:

  • logging in

  • viewing a page

  • interacting with slackbot

  • editing a page

Please note: Sorting does not permanently reorder your users. If you sort your users by email, for example, users will go back to the default "Name" sorting when you refresh the page.

Invited tab

The Invited tab shows you all pending invites. Check here when you've invited a user, but you're not sure if they've completed the invite flow:

If you need to resend the invite, click the kebab menu next to the selected user and choose "Resend invite":

Deactivated tab

Go to the Deactivated tab to see all users who have been removed from your account. Keep in mind these users do not count as billable users:

If you need to reactivate or edit a deactivated users profile info, click the kebab menu next to the selected user:

Pro tip: Edit a deactivated users display name to "Deactivated User" if you'd like to remove their name from any pages, comments, or suggestions they own.

Looking for more information on how to manage your users? Check out these other articles that cover inviting new users and setting user roles.

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