Sometimes critical information in your account can run the risk of going out of date. With our verification feature, you can make sure pages are periodically verified and updated as needed.

How to Set Up Verification on a Page

Verification is available to all teams on our current Scaling plans. No need to turn on any settings - you can setup verification directly from a page:

Select how often the page should be verified, specify any details, and click "Add verification":

Once a verification is set up, the assignee will be notified by email on the day the page should be verified. They will also see a banner on the page itself:

Once you've made sure the information in the document is up to date, click the "Verify page content" button to complete the process. This will restart the clock for the next time this page needs to be verified.

You can also see when someone else's page is up for verification. This is a great way to know whether the page you're referencing may be out of date:

Deleting a Verification

If at some point you decide a page no longer needs to be verified on a periodic basis, you can remove the verification at any time from the page dropdown menu:

Where to View Verifications

You can find your running verifications in the Content Suggestions section of your account.

Just select Content Suggestions in the left hand sidebar menu, then click the Verified pages tab.

The verification list shows which page the category is in, the amount of days the verification is set for, when it was last verified, by who, and when the next verification is due.

You can also take actions on the page itself by clicking the kebab menu next to the verification:

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