You'll most likely want to invite multiple users at once when you start unrolling your Tettra account to your team. You can do this by adding a comma separated list of emails into the invite modal. Here's what you'll need to do:

  1. Navigate to the Team Members page by clicking "Manage users" in the top left menu:

2. Click the "Invite teammates" button in the upper right:

3. Select the role you want to assign, then choose Email contacts. In the "Enter emails" field, paste a comma separated list of all your email contact, hit enter, or click the blue "Add email: ..." option:

The final result should look like this. Click next:

4. You can choose to send the new users to a Template, the Dashboard, or a specific Page. Add an optional message to make things a bit more personal:

Please note: the button will say "Send 1 invite", but our system will break up the comma separated list and send multiple invites.

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