You may run into a new issue where new users accidentally create a new account for your team when trying to sign into your existing one.

Tettra only allows you to connect one Slack and/or G Suite space per account. Since duplicate accounts can interfere with your integrations and can confuse your readers, it's important to address this as soon as you find out.

Here are some signs you may have a duplicate account and what to do in that event.

Signs you may have a duplicate account

  1. If you try to connect a Slack or G Suite account and receive a message like "Workspace is already connected to another Tettra account"

  2. If a teammate reports not seeing the same content in their account as you do

  3. If the URL on a page your teammate is viewing shows a different team name than your own

These are the most common ways you can tell if a duplicate account has been created. As always, feel free to reach out to support if you suspect you're running into this issue.

How to fix

Please Note: These instructions are for teams who have accidentally created a duplicate account. If you're trying to create multiple Tettra accounts for your team, please reach out to Support so we can discuss your options.

  1. Confirm with your admins that you shouldn't have more than one account. If that's the case, move onto the next step.

  2. Find out who the admin on the duplicate account is. You can view this on your Team Members page in the duplicate account. If you or your teammates can't find this information, please reach out to Support via chat.

  3. If you know who the admin on the duplicate is, ask them to sign in, navigate to the Billing page, and delete the account.

Deleting the account will remove all content, data, and integrations. This will reduce confusion for your team and allow you to set up the correct integrations in your original account.

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