To remove users from your Tettra account visit the 'Team Members' page, click the kebab menu next to the user you'd like to deactivate, and select "Deactivate".

All Tettra admins have the ability to deactivate users. You can remove any user other than yourself.

Once deactivated, the user will show up on the 'Not Active' tab, they will not have access to any Tettra pages, and you will no longer be billed for them. Any pages the deactivated user has authored will remain within your Tettra account. 

Modifying Deactivated Users

There may be times when you need to edit the name or email of a deactivated user. This usually comes up when teams recycle emails. To allow your new teammate to sign in with the previously used email, navigate to the Deactivated user page and select "edit" from the kebab menu:

Once you've done this, modify the name or email of the deactivated user in the following screen and save your changes: 

Reactivating Users

To reactivate a user, navigate to the 'Deactivated' tab and click the kebab menu next to the selected user. Admins will have the option to reactivate any Tettra user that has not been deleted in Slack.

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