To remove users from your Tettra account, click Team Members in the top right Team Settings dropdown.

Click the dropdown menu next to the user you'd like to deactivate, and select Deactivate.

All Tettra admins have the ability to deactivate users. You can remove any user other than yourself.

If the user you are deactivating is responsible for any content within Tettra, you'll be prompted to select another active team member to transfer their content to.

Once deactivated, the user:

  • will show up on the Deactivated tab

  • they will not have access to any Tettra pages

  • you will no longer be billed for them

  • Any pages the deactivated user has authored will remain within your Tettra account

Transferring Content Ownership

When is the owner of any content in the account and is deactivated, you'll have to first transfer ownership to another active team member.

If you'd like to select and assign to multiple/different team members, please change the owner of those items first before deactivating.


Any public or team-level categories that do not have other category owners will get transferred to the user you reassign content to. Private categories will remain private and may be reassigned separately by a user with access to that category.


All pages owned by the deactivated user will be transferred to the new owner, along with any verifications set up for those pages. Any edits made to pages will remain attributed to the original user.

Page requests

Any open/incomplete page requests assigned to the deactivated user will get reassigned to the new owner. Closed requests or requests that were opened by the deactivated user will not be affected.


Any unanswered questions assigned to the deactivated user will get reassigned to the new owner. Answered questions or questions asked by the deactivated user will not be affected.

Sorting Users

You can sort your list of users by name, email, last active date, login type, and user role.

To sort, click the column header on any of the Team Members pages and Tettra wil sort in descending or ascending order:

Modifying Deactivated Users

If you need to edit the name of a user, click the Deactivated users tab and select Edit user from the dropdown menu:

Modify the name or email of the deactivated user in the following screen and save your changes: 

Reactivating Users

To reactivate a user, navigate to the Deactivated tab and click the dropdown menu next to the selected user. Admins can reactivate any Tettra user that has not been deleted in Slack.

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