Tettra can notify Slack channels of events that occur in a Tettra category (or a default channel for uncategorized items). You can opt to send notifications for the following events:

  • A page is created

  • A page is updated

For connected categories, Tettra will automatically send a notification to the corresponding Slack channel when:

  • A page is commented on

  • A page request is created

  • A question is posted or answered

Connect a Tettra Category to a Slack Channel

Follow these steps to link a Tettra category to a Slack channel:

Navigate to the categories screen, click the kebab menu, and select the Edit category button.

Click into the Slack notifications dropdown to select a channel you would like to receive category notifications:

Click the Update category button.

Set a Default/Uncategorized Notification Channel

Navigate to the categories index from the sidebar and scroll to the bottom of the page:

Slack Notification Examples

Once your Tettra categories are connected to Slack channels, you'll have a few options to send notifications in Slack.

New page notifications

After you publish a new page in a connected category, you can send a Slack notification by pressing the Notify #channel:

The content of the page will be sent to Slack, and your team can click 'Show more' to view the entire page right in Slack. Clicking the page title links to the page in Tettra:

Page updated notifications

When a page is updated and you send a notification to Slack by clicking the Notify #channel button, you'll send an update notification to that Slack channel.

Your team can click 'View changes' to view the version history of the page and the changes made during the last edit. Learn more about version history.

New page request notification

Your team will receive a channel notification when a new page request is created in a connected category. Click the title of the page request to open it in Tettra:

Request to update page notification

When your teammate asks for a page to be updated, a notification will be sent into the Slack channel that you have connected to the page the category lives in:

New question notifications

When a new question is asked and categorized, a notification will be sent into the connected Slack channel:

New answer notifications

When a question is marked as answered, a notification will be sent into the Slack channel connected to the Tettra category:

Sharing Pages to Tettra On-Demand

You can share pages into Slack on-demand whenever you want. Learn more about how to share a page to Slack.

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