Tettra can notify Slack channels of events that occur in a Tettra category. You can opt to send notifications for the following events:

  • A categorized page is created
  • A categorized page is updated
  • A categorized page is commented on
  • A suggestion is created in a category

Connect a Tettra Category to a Slack Channel

Follow these steps to link a Tettra category to a Slack channel:

Navigate to the categories screen, click the kebab menu, and select the Edit category button.

Click into the Slack channel notifications dropdown to select a channel you would like to receive category notifications.

Click the Update category button.

How to Send a Notification

You'll now be presented with the option to send a notification in the connected channel for any pages you update/publish. Just click 'Notify #[SLACK CHANNEL]' after publishing and we'll send a notification right away. 

Please Note: Any suggestions created for a connected category will notify the connected channel automatically.

Channel Notification Examples

Page updated notification - when a page is updated and you send a notification to Slack, you'll see the following message in the corresponding channel. Click 'View changes' to view the version history of the page and the changes made during the last edit: 

New page notification - You'll receive the following notification when you create a new page in a connected category. Click 'Show more' to view the page content within Slack, or click the title of the page to open it in Tettra:

New suggestion notification - your team will receive a channel notification when a new suggestion is created in a connected category. Click the title of the suggestion to open it in Tettra:

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