You can take a look at which content within your account is public in one central location. Just navigate to the 'Content suggestions' page and select the 'Public content' tab.

Please Note: The Public Content report is available on the Scaling plan. Only admins and editors can access this report.

Shared Pages:

You can disable public link sharing for a page by clicking the "Disable share" button. Anyone who previously accessed this page via the public link will no longer have access.

Click the kebab menu to access more actions. You can edit or view the page, request an update, view the shareable link, or archive the page completely.

Public Categories:

View a list of public categories below the Shared Pages report. Click the "Edit category" button next to the category name to change the permissions.

Click the kebab menu to bookmark, edit, or move the category.

Pages in Public Categories:

View pages located within public categories at the bottom of the page. You can click the kebab menu to edit or view the page, request an update, or archive it completely.

Disable Public Link Sharing for the Account

Scaling plan admins can also disable public sharing entirely from the Admin Settings section of your Team Settings:

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