These days, your team probably asks a lot of questions in all sorts of places like email, chat, on video calls, or in-person.

And when your subject matter experts take the time to share an answer, that important knowledge is often trapped in email, lost in Slack, or never actually written down for the next person with the same question to reuse.

The good news is that Tettra helps you capture all those questions in one place, assign subject matter experts on your team to answer them, and then makes it easy to reuse the answers in chat.

Asking Questions

Who can ask questions?

Anyone on your team with a Tettra account login can ask questions, including Read-Only users.

How to ask questions in the web app

To ask a question, click the + button in the top right corner, then click Ask a question.

Fill out the Questions form with the question, additional details, choose a category (or subcategory), and assign the best subject matter expert to answer the question.

If you're not sure who to ask to answer a question, then leave that field blank or choose the Category Owner if one is set on the category, and that person will help route the question to the right person.

The question will appear in the Asked Questions list. Questions are visible to everyone on the team.

How to ask questions in Slack

Visit this guide to learn more more about how to capture questions and add answers right in Slack.

Slack notifications for new questions

When a question is asked in a category that is attached to a Slack channel, a notification for the question will be sent into Slack. Notifications will help everyone in a channel know that the answer to the question is coming soon.

Learn more about adding adding Slack channels to categories.

Upvoting Questions

Your team can upvote questions from the Asked Questions list or on the question thread itself. Upvoting helps your Subject Matter experts identify which questions are most important to answer first.

Answering Questions

Answers are posted on the thread for the question. Since good ideas can come from anyone, every person on your team can post an answer, including Read-Only users.

Questions can be answered in the web app and in chat. The guide below is focused on our web application.

Formatting answers

To learn more about formatting answers, visit the Editor Overview.

To mention a teammate, type the @ character and start typing their name. That teammate will be notified in email or Slack that they were mentioned (depending on their personal notification preferences.)

Learn more about how to mention a teammate.

Answering a question with an existing page

To answer a question with an existing page, type the + character then start typing the page name you want to link to. That will create an internal page link to the other page for the asker to go find their answer.

Learn more about internal page links.

Choosing a correct answer

Only Admin, Editor, or Contributors can choose a correct answer.

An answer can be marked as correct when it's posted by clicking Reply and mark as answer.

Note: Read-Only users cannot mark as answer when posting a reply.

Or, an answer can be marked as correct after it's posted:

When an answer is marked as correct, it will show up highlighted in green:

If a Slack channel is assigned to the Tettra category, then a notification that the question was answered will automatically be sent into Slack:

Assigning or reassigning an teammate to answer a question

Assigning someone to answer a question happens when a question is asked:

If the asker is not sure who the best person to answer a question is, then an assignee can be assigned after the question is posted by an Admin, Editor, or Contributor level user.

To assign someone to answer a question, Click Questions → Edit, then change the "Who can answer this question?" to the best person to answer the question.

A notification will be sent to the person assigned the question in Slack or email (depending on their personal notification preferences)

Unmarking an answer as correct

To unmark an answer as correct, hover over the answer, click the dropdown menu, and choose Unmark answer.

Editing and Deleting Questions

Editing Questions

To edit a question, click the dropdown menu on the question, and choose Edit.

This will open the Questions popup form. Edit your question and click Update question.

Deleting Questions

To edit a question, click the dropdown menu on the question, and choose Delete.

Note: Deleted questions cannot be recovered and there is no confirmation dialogue, so please delete with caution. Deleting a question will also delete all suggested and correct answers.

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