Tettra makes it a breeze to answer your team's repetitive questions that get asked in Slack.

Answering questions in Slack with an existing page

To reuse the answer from a page that already exists in Tettra, first open the More Actions menu by hovering over any message in a channel or DM.

Next, find the Answer question for the Tettra Wiki shortcut.

Note: If you don't see the Answer question action, then click More message shortcuts... and search for "Tettra."

Clicking this shortcut will automatically post a notification. Open the thread in Slack and click Answer with existing page.

In the popup, search for your page and click Answer.

This will update the initial notification on the thread with your selected page as the answer:

The answer to the question will also be stored in Tettra with your page marked as the answer.

The last step is to do a little happy dance, because you just save yourself a ton of time answering your teammate's question without ever having to leave Slack.

Saving a question from Slack and creating a new answer in Tettra

You likely don't have an answer to every question your team is bound to ask. The good news is that Tettra makes it easy to push those questions that inevitably get asked in Slack right to Tettra so you can reuse the answers later. answer them.

To save a question from Slack in Tettra, first open the More Actions menu by hovering over any message in a channel or DM.

Open the thread and click Create new answer.

This will open the Tettra web app. Write your answer and click Reply and mark as answer.

The person who originally asked the question in Slack will automatically receive a notification from the Tettra Slack Bot that their question was answer

Note: Users need to have notifications need to be turned on in My Settings in order to receive alerts from Tettra Bot.

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