Categories are the primary way to organize your content in Tettra. They are primarily visible in the sidebar of every Tettra screen:

If you'd like to see a list of all your categories, you can the Categories link in the sidebar: 

Category View

Clicking a category in the sidebar will show an overview of the category. This includes all pages, subcategories, and page requests associated with the category.

Creating a new Category

To create a category, click the Create a new category button in the sidebar:

Fill out the category details:

  1. Choose a Category Name. This can be any unique name and can include letters, numbers, emoji, and special characters

    • Note: You can't have two categories with the same name at the same level of depth

  2. Choose a Description. This will appear at the top of the category.

  3. Choose Category Owners. Category owners allow you to define topic experts and appear on the Categories page and in category views. They will be the suggested assignees for requests and questions in that category. Only Admin and Editor user types can be set as category owners.

  4. Choose a Color and Icon. This will appear in the lefthand sidebar and on any page list view. Set custom colors using hex codes.

  5. Choose the Order of content. You can order your category by last modified date, alphabetically, or a custom order.

  6. Choose the Visibility of the Category. This is default to Open (e.g everyone in your team can view/edit all pages in a category). If you would like to allow only certain people and teams (access to Google Groups available on the Scaling plan) to view a category, change to the option Only certain people and groups then type the names of the team mates or groups you would like to be able to access the category.

  7. Slack channel notifications.  Here you can assign a specific slack channel for notifications. For more information see Slack channel notifications.

Deleting a Category

If you would like to delete a category, click the category in the sidebar to go to the category page, and click the dropdown menu in the top right hand corner.  

To delete the category click Delete

🚨 WARNING: Deleting a Category is permanent and not reversible. However, deleting the category does not delete all the pages within that category (they simply become uncategorized).

Reordering Categories

You can control the order in which categories are arranged in the left hand sidebar menu. 

To do so, visit the Categories page in the sidebar:

Once you're there, use the drag-and-drop feature (9-dot icon) to reorder your categories.

After you've settled on an order, refresh the page and those changes should immediately populate in the sidebar menu.

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