Depending on your workflow, there are several different ways to format text as code within your Tettra pages. 

Via the Insert Menu

To insert a new code block press the (+)  button (to the left) on an empty line to bring up the insert menu and then press </> for a code block. 

Via the Highlight Menu

If you have already typed text and want to convert it to a code block afterwards, you may do so via the hightlight menu. The "code block" </>  icon only shows up when more than one line of text is highlighted. 

Via Automarkdown (Backticks ```)

You may also start a new code block by typing 3 backticks (```) followed by [Space] or [Enter].

Changing language

If you'd like to change the language for syntax highlight, click in the top right of the code block and select the language you prefer:

Exiting a code block

To exit a code block, press [enter] [enter]
on an empty line, and this will exit the code block.

Deleting a code block

To delete a code block, delete all content, then backspace again

Inline Code

To format text within a line type single backticks (`) around the text you'd like formatted. The conversion is triggered when you type [SPACE] after the closing backtick. 


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